How often should you clean your area rug?

This is an obvious question that keeps popping up in our minds. Area rug cleaning should be deep cleaned in order to enhance the longevity of the carpet. The dust must be cleaned from the carpet not only to keep it clean but to also keep the environment healthy. The general answer for the normal deep cleaning of carpet is 10-12 months. However, this is a generalized answer. The frequency of deep cleaning of the carpet depends on multiple factors. If none of the following are applicable, then deep area rug cleaning of the carpet can be done once every 12 months.


If you smoke at home, then the need for deep cleaning increases by a considerable amount. Smoking releases many gases. These gases are generally harmful to health. It is a common belief that the gasses go to the lungs and impact the smoker. However, this is not the entire story. The gasses get mixed with the dirt particles at home and get settled on the carpet. The toxic particles then keep getting released to the air. When we breathe, the toxic particles are inhaled and then it creates the same impact on your lungs as it does to the smoker. To avoid this to happen, the carpet must be deep cleaned very often. It depends on how often we smoke at home. If the frequency is very high, then the carpet must be deep cleaned every three months. If the smoking frequency is mild then deep cleaning once in six months could be adequate.


Kids are always restless and that is the most exciting part of them. However, this could be a reason for deep cleaning as well. It is often observed that they spill the food and drinks on the carpet. These particles get mixed with the dirt and settle in the carpet. This is not only a source of bad indoor air quality but also dangerous for the carpet fiber. The carpet fiber is generally damaged due to the spiked milk and food. It is therefore very important to deep clean the carpet ensures that the fiber is not damaged. It is advisable to deep clean the carpet once every six months in such cases.


Pets are always cute and they are our confidants as well. However, pets can be the cause of carpet damage as well. Even if the pets are trained, they often urinate on the carpet. They can also spill the food and drinks on the carpet. This makes sure that the dust is mixed with the food and drink. This could damage the carpet if not cleaned regularly. It is advised to deep clean the carpet every six months in such cases.


How many guests visit your house? The more the number of guests more would be dust. This is another cause of dirty carpet. In case there is a number of guests at home, one must clean the carpet every six months.