Best Carpet Cleaning Techniques for Effective Result

Carpet Cleaning is very important for the health and the longevity of the carpet. Carpet is one of the key d├ęcors at home. It should be cleaned for beautification and better air quality as well. Professional services can always be called for carpet cleaning, however, it is important to know about the techniques of carpet cleaning. This is very important to understand how the carpet is cleaned. Here are the most popular techniques for carpet cleaning for efficient cleaning services.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This is also known as the steam carpet cleaning. Toronto Carpet Cleaning uses this technique. High-Pressure Hot Water is used in this technique. By this technique, hot water is used to agitate the fiber of the carpet. This is generally done on the soiled surface. The agitation is also done by a soft brush. The dissolved dirt in the carpet fiber gets washed off. The rinsing is the next step. The cleaning agent gets settled in the carpet for a short duration and it would be cleaned by the carpet cleaning equipment. It will be rinsed thoroughly and left to dry.

The average size of the carpet takes 2 hours for cleaning and 4 hours for drying. This can be done in your kitchen renovation if it makes a mess too.

Carpet Shampooing

The shampooing is another good technique for carpet cleaning. The carpet cleaning is done on the heavily soiled carpet. The shampooing is done on the carpet then. However, this process leaves behind a huge amount of wet foam residue and that works as a disadvantage to the team.


Encapsulation is a better process than carpet shampooing. This process uses the synthetic detergent that uses gets crystallized as a powder when dried. The loose dirt particles basically get trapped into the crystal powder. When the carpet is dried, then it can be brushed off or vacuumed to remove all the particles. This is a better process as no residue is left behind with Encapsulation.

Bonnet cleaning

This cleaning ensures good surface cleaning as the top part of the carpet fiber is cleaned. A heavy motorized machine is used to clean the top surface. There is a spinning pad associated with the motor which gets immersed in the cleaning solutions. The pad absorbs the dirt from the surface. This is a quick fix for carpet cleaning and is often used in the corporate world where the places cannot stay without carpet.

Dry Cleaning

This is considered one of the most effective and powerful solutions for carpet cleaning. A heavy motor machine is also used in such cleaning and cleaning compound which is generally powder is pushed to the innermost part of the carpet. The powder gets settled inside the fiber of the carpet. This results in very effective cleaning. The powder is generally made up of biodegradable elements that work like micro-sponges in the carpet fiber to pull out and trap the dirt. Dry carpet cleaning is very safe and most popular as well.

It does not matter which type of carpet cleaning suits you, but professional cleaning always has better results for carpet.