Perfect matches for black and white


Black has always symbolized mystery, sophistication, refinement and class. On the other hand, white has always been a symbol for purity and light. These opposed but at the same time complementary schemes are ideal if you are trying to make your home design as graphic as possible. It is an elegant and modern combination that will definitely not get old somewhere in the near future. So here’s what other colors you can use to lighten up your black and white home.

When it comes to home décor, black and white is actually a classic way to go. As I said before, there are few chances that this style would ever go out of fashion. However a black and white home tends to be a bit boring and monotonous. So in order to avoid your home becoming morose you can add other colors and stronger shades that will surely brighten it up.


First of all, you will need some bright shades for your furniture. After you have chosen your black and white furniture, you definitely need to also choose other shades that can make it even more interesting, not to mention good looking. If you want to have your room as cheerful as possible, then you need to go for strong and bright colors such as yellow, pink, green, or even blue. If you don’t trust your instincts and are uncertain of what colors to pick, don’t go all out. Sometimes decorating or redecorating can also be made with baby steps. This means that you can only try some different accessories, such as a lamp or the pillows for the couch. If this still seems too much of a commitment, then try a picture frame or a tiny carpet. See how these work out for you, take some time to adjust to the changes, and if that seems to be the right shade then there’s really nothing stopping you.

To be honest, I believe that the perfect addition to a black and white living room would be pink. Even if it is a girly color, it can really cheer everything up. Pink is a warm color and it has the advantage of actually making your house seem or look warmer, as opposed to an all black and white décor.

If you are still afraid not to ruin anything then you should definitely try out some shades of gray. White, gray and black go perfectly together and make everything to look classy. The only downside of using gray is that it’s also a cold color and your room may lack that welcoming and warm feeling. You could fix it by using different shades of gray and even some scarlet red. That will also give your home a more romantic look.