Cleaning up advice


I guess we all know how difficult cleaning up can be sometimes, not to mention annoying. It’s something that you really need to do, no matter if you have the time or not or if you are in the mood or not. The important thing is to take it easy and know the dos and don’ts of cleaning up.

So here are some tips that you might find helpful in the future.

The shower cabin: try to clean the walls of your shower cabin just right after you take a shower. Keep the cleaning product you usually use handy. One you’re done taking the shower spray the product on the wet shower cabin walls and then rinse them with water. They will be sparkling clean in no time. If the door of your shower cabin is made out of glass then wipe it with a wet cloth and liquid soap or baby oil, so that there won’t be any marks from the water drops. You can actually keep these handy so that you can follow this procedure every time you take a shower. The great thing about it is that the heat and the steam actually do most of the work. This actually is an incredibly easy and effective way to clean your shower cabin – not to mention fast. I learned this technique from professional cleaning company.

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Kitchen cabinets: When cleaning up the kitchen, keep in mind to also de-grease the upper part of your suspended kitchen cabinets. It may be hard to reach and a bit complicated, but that’s one of the most ignored spots when cleaning, so it can get pretty greasy and it can be incredibly unhealthy to have such a dirty surface in your kitchen. So next time you get to work, climb on a chair, get some soap or whatever cleaning product you use for you cabinets and get to rubbing. In order to avoid that unpleasant layer of grease forming on the top of your cabinets, you could cover it with some wrapping paper. Just remember to change it about once a month.

Furniture: We probably all have that piece of furniture that somehow managed to get scratched when you were moving and now there’s not much you can do about those unaesthetic marks. Well, that’s not true. There is actually a number of solutions for this problem. One of them implies mixing olive oil with some cigarette ash and rubbing it on the scratched area. Let it work for a couple of minutes then wipe it off with some soft paper towels or with a soft cloth. After that you can use your favorite antistatic furniture product. You will surely see the difference and you furniture will definitely look like brand new. Another trick to solve scratched furniture is to gently rub it with a walnut. It may sound surprising, but this also works like a charm.