All about gifting and some great ideas

The genuine delight of a birthday is to make our friends and family smile happily as we astonish them with small and cute gifts. We all have encountered it and we need our dear ones to encounter the same. To make this conceivable, more people would like to make their gifts personal rather than buy something random from the store. It’s all about the contents present in the box, rather than its cost. The more you add a personal touch to the gift, the receiver will be overjoyed and you will feel contented as well. Here are some innovative methods to impress your loved ones.

Customized gift mugs:


Nowadays most of the people prefer this growing trend. It is likewise considered functional however most of us think that a showpiece. Hence you have the liberty to customize the mug. You can pick their favorite color and engrave colorful and catchy quotes on it which express your feelings. Further to that, you can embed a photo on it too.


You can select a normal bed pillow, or a sofa cushion or a compact travel pillow and imprint a nice looking photo on it. If you do not like to add a photo, then embroider the initials or else paint some nice designs on them by adding some glitter or do bead work. Be creative.

Key chains:

One cute gift which can be handy all time is a keychain. Hence add a small photo of you together in the keychain and present it your loved one.


Photo frame:

Another adorable gift is photo frame. If you time, you can purchase necessary items from craft store and create a cute photo frame for your friend. Sure, you can even order one online too.


Most of the photo studios provide this wonderful service to their customers. All you have to do is take a nice picture and get that printed on a T-shirt. This sounds like an informal gift for your friend, but surely he or she will cherish it.

Teddy bear:

Use the same method on a teddy bear and gift it to your niece. If you are good at knitting, you can make some cute mini teddy bears for her.

Photo collage:

Gather all your most loved photographs from diverse years and design a collage out of it. It can be in the form of a poster or have a collage printed on a book.


I know we all think this as an all time favorite. Bright and colorful flowers always light up an occasion. While giving a gift you can attach a bouquet or give it as an individual gift. You can modify by utilizing your adored one’s most loved blooms. You can likewise arrange for a chocolate bundle which will be a flavorful treat.

Sweet table:

You can arrange a sweet table with choco treats in inventive shapes, hues and themes that the individual will like. You can get this done by a specialist or try out yourself.